Junior Research associate/ Team leader


2019-M.Sc. Biotechnology at KVM College of Science and Technology Cherthala Alappuzha
2017-B.Sc.Biotechnology in SDV College of Arts And Applied Science, Alappuzha
2014-Higher Secondary from Believers Church English medium school Alappuzha,
2012-high school from St. Aloysious Senior Secondary School, Alappuzha
2018-HACCP for Food Manufacturing (RQF)

publication list

  • Archa S., Anjana Prakash, Ancy Philip, C. V. Archana, Arathy G. Nair, B. Arya, K. R. Sabu, B. R. Rajesh and Pratap R. Chandran. (2019). Evaluation of physicochemical and sensory properties of wine from Citrus maxima fruit Biosciences and Plant Biology, Vol 6 (4), 24-31. ISSN: 2349-8080.

  • Archa S, Anand Mohan. J, Pooja Ajith, Arathy G. Nair, Radhika Krishnan and Pratap Chandran R (2017). Analysis of phytochemical constituents, antihelminthic and insecticidal properties of leaf extracts of Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences. 5(6): 248-252.


  • M.Sc II nd Year Project: “ Production and physico-chemical analysis of wine from Ardisia solanacea fruit using the yeast isolated from toddy samples collected from Alappuzha ”
  • M.Sc 1 st Year Minor Project: “ Production of wine from Citrus Maxima Fruit using Saccharomyces cerevisiae ”
  • B.Sc III rd year: “ Analysis of Phytochemical, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-
    helminthic, Insecticidal and Anti-Diabetic Properties of Leaf Extracts of Hyptis
    suaveolens leaf ”.


  • International Seminar on “Innovations and Sustainable Reseach in Environment and life sciences, Research Department of Zoology, Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, Kerala.

  •  National Seminar on “Potentials of Biotechnology” ,Department of Biotechnology & Research, KVM College of Engineering & IT, Alappuzha

  • National Seminar on “The Role of Scientific Innovations for a Better Tomorrow”, at SDV College of Arts and Applied Science, Alappuzha.

  • National Seminar on “Recent Innovations and Current Trends in Biological Sciences”, Department of Botany and Biotechnology, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, Kerala.

  • National Seminar on “Significance of Intellectual Property Rights in the Emerging World’, at SDV College of Arts and Applied Science.


  • Awareness Programme on “Relevance of Science for Nation Building” at SDV College of Arts and Applied Science.
  •  National Conference on “Towards Rational use of Antibiotics; Problems, Prospects and Future Implications” at Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla.
  •  Work shop on “Nurturing Entrepreneurship in the Field of Biotechnology” at Cochin University, Ernakulam.
     National Seminar on “Current Development in Science for a Sustainable Future” at KVM College of Engineering and IT, Alappuzha.
  • Presented a poster on “Analysis of Phytochemical constituents, Antibacterial, Anti-fungal and Allelopathic Activities of leaf extracts of.Hyptis suaveolens, at Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla, Kerala on 15-16 th February 2018.
    Presented a Poster on (evaluation of Physicochemical and sensory properties of wine from Citrus maxima Fruit at Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, Kerala on 07 August 2018